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Specialty Classes!

These classes specialize in different styles such as Lyrical, Modern Contemporary, Tap, Latin Jazz,

Commercial Jazz, and Ballroom, with the intention of creating strong, versatile dancers.

All classes teach and practice complex turns, balance, foot articulation, joint isolations, musicality, and how

to stretch safely and effectively!

These classes are perfect for people who are beginners and want a pace that is customized,

for dancers with prior training who want to get back to it but are having a hard time finding classes,

and for movers of all ages and abilities who want to get moving and dancing, but don't know where to start!

*Please note: these classes are not

teacher training classes. If you are a dance

teacher looking for additional training,

please email Laren for more information.

Our workshops were a huge success in 2019 and 2020 (pre-pandemic)!

We started classes again in 2022!

Our Adult Drop-in Classes are announced on our

and New Concept Dance Company's Instagram page!

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