Laren Cavicchio is cross-trained in ballet, tap, modern contemporary, and jazz, and has continued her education in these genres for the last four decades. In the last two decades, along with keeping up with her own dance training, she has also pursued and obtained ongoing education in exercise science and kinesiology, and has added American Rhythm, Smooth, and Latin to her repertoire.


Laren opened the Continuous Dance Training program in 2018 to give dancers an opportunity to experience her unique and personalized teaching and coaching methods, carefully mastered for over 24 years, in a classroom and workshop-style setting. She is considered an expert in her field when it comes to technical training, and her holistic and integrated methods combine her education and experience in dance as well as her knowledge in exercise science to help dancers achieve their goals. 


No two dancers are alike, and she takes this into consideration. Laren prepares and develops talent by using measurable assessments, and implementing what is needed to guarantee success, and it works.


Laren works with different types of dancers. She works with competitive dancers, ages 7-21, who achieve scholarships at dance conventions and national intensives, earn high scores and recognition at regional and national competitions, and are selected to perform in closing shows and as demonstrators.


She works with ballroom competitors of all ages, and helps them acquire strength in their frame and confidence in their footwork, while she works with ballroom champions in between competitions to help them maintain flexibility and conditioning that leads to an injury-resistant dancer.

Laren also works with dancers who are not competing in the traditional competition circuit, but who wish to refine and advance their skills to perform better in classes and gain confidence in their skills should they choose to audition for color guard, winter guard, and dance team during high school and college. 


Dancers who have trained with Laren have earned spots in dance programs and on dance teams at the University of Florida, State University of Florida, Central University of Florida, University of South Florida, and Alabama State University, and have earned partial or full scholarships at the Joffrey Ballet School, and the American Musical and Dramatic Arts Academy in Los Angeles.

Her younger students have gone on to be invited to participate in the Patel Conservatory Youth Ballet in Tampa, and have felt prepared for each audition, each class, and each role accepted.

Those who wished to perform at theme parks and cruise lines (pre-coronavirus) were successful in obtaining employment, and felt prepared every step of the way.

As a choreographer, Laren has produced over 130 pieces encompassing different dance styles, and has produced and directed full-length productions of The Nutcracker while residing in Florida.

She continues to choreograph for dancers who wish to compete at competitions and showcase their best skills during auditions, and continues to work as a guest educator, choreographer, and coach in Tampa Bay and Orlando.

Laren is a member of the National Dance Education Organization and its Florida Chapter, is certified in Ballet through Dance Masters of America, and is certified in health and fitness through the American Council on Exercise (NCCA-Accredited Certification). She is proud to be considered a leader in her field while representing movement and dance pedagogy.


Her undergraduate education (beyond dance classes) came from professors at Stony Brook University (SUNY), and UMASS Amherst, where she learned about dance theory, history and technique, the Feldenkrais Method, Labanotation, Bartenieff Fundamentals, the Alexander Technique, the Stanislavski Method for actors, as well as psychology, childhood development, and business. 

She also had a unique opportunity to be exposed to, and study, multiple ballet methodologies during college and after, which includes the French, Vaganova, Balanchine, Cecchetti, RAD, and ABT techniques.

She completed her degree in Theatre at UMASS Amherst while on full scholarship for talent and academic achievement, and graduated Cum Laude. Laren later achieved her MBA (also Cum Laude), and used her knowledge to help non-profits and small businesses achieve their goals.


Laren leads by example and advocates for ongoing dance education by belonging to dance organizations, and attending dance classes offered to professionals. Class offerings include ballet, modern, contemporary, and jazz, and she has actively sought classes in tap, musical theatre, and jazz funk/street jazz. She does this not only to feel inspired, but to remember what it's like to be a dancer in class.

She continues to practice ballroom, and has enjoyed taking online classes in techniques that she hasn't had an opportunity to take since college, which include classes via the Merce Cunningham Trust, Martha Graham Dance Company, and an ABT company class. She is also brushing up on her Horton Technique using the modules used (and notes taken) while in college.

2020 has been a tough year, but Laren is enjoying working online with students from other countries as well as other places within the United States. She is available for online coaching at this time, and prices are competitive, contact us with inquiries!

In addition to her professional work, Laren believes strongly in the power of philanthropy and has volunteered over 560 hours between dance magnet schools, senior centers, and local animal shelters. She is active in fundraising and supports community. If you belong to a cause that needs a little help, email her directly or use the email button on this screen or for general inquiries! 

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