Conditioning and Flexibility Training

We offer 30, 45, and 60 minute, individualized rules-based sessions online and in person. These classes are designed to help you maintain or increase your fitness level during all phases in your life.

Each session is designed specifically for your needs, and includes:

- The Warm Up

- Joint Stabilization/Mobility

- A Balance Practice

- Cardiovascular Endurance

- Muscular Fitness

-  The Best Stretching Method For You

You will reach your goals safely,

while being lead through each session.

(Evaluations are at no charge.)

Qualifications Matter!

Our founder, Laren Cavicchio, is:

Trained and Experienced in Movement Education;

ACE Certified in Fitness (NCCA-Accredited Certification);

Trained in Coaching Progressions for Speed, Agility, and Quickness,

and Plyometrics for Strength, Endurance, and Coordination;

Trained in Joint Stability/Mobility and Balance for All Ages;

Trained in PNF stretching protocols and Core Strengthening Techniques for Dancers and Athletes;

Trained in Efficient Movement Protocols to Enhance Dance Development;

and has more than 25 years experience as a Performance Coach for Dancers,

and as a Fitness Coach for Athletes, Children, and Adults.

Working With Athletes

We help athletes make marked improvements in their performance.

We train figure skaters and gymnasts in both dance technique and artistry, and supplement their sports conditioning and flexibility training through our program. We have dance coached contenders in the USGA Junior Olympic Levels program, and work with a USGA gymnast who is a top Massachusetts state competitor in the Xcel program.  Our program works.

We also provide cheerleaders, skateboarders, hockey players, soccer players, football players, softball players and baseball players with additional sports conditioning to build and maintain biomechanical symmetry.

Our program is designed for those whose success relies on their body working in collaboration with the demands of their skill; not against it. We don't just train dancers, we train everyone who wants to improve their performance.