Our classes are designed for dancers and athletes, beginners to advanced,

and we currently accept students starting at age seven.

We group according to age range, skills

and goals, and teach with your advancement in mind.

We offer Ballet classes,

Specialty classes, Latin Jazz,

Broadway & Commercial Jazz,

Tap, Conditioning & Flexibility,

Ballroom Enhancement, and more.





Class times/dates/locations will be

be announced on this website, and our

Facebook and Instagram pages

when it is safe to do so, in person.

For now, our live and pre-recorded classes are very popular, and we are

proud to say that we have gained an international student base!

We will continue to offer classes online for the short term.

In each session you will learn how

to improve your own dance practice,

and how to elevate your talent.

You will grow in these classes.

*Please note: these classes are not

teacher training classes. If you are a dance

teacher looking for additional training,

please email Laren for more information.