We believe that knowledge is acquired over a lifetime, and that this process can start at any time.

We also believe that dance is an important academic study, and should be seen as such.

Dance uses neuroscience, physics, geometry, visual perspectives, and time signature.

Dance shows us how we respond to working with each other, and this teaches us how to collaborate.

Dance uncovers the anthropology within our communities, and requires

language and communication to be learned, shared, and taught.

Dance is cognitive, physical, and expressive, and is beneficial to us all.


The Mission

To offer corrective and continuous dance training for any dancer

regardless of ability, age, background, or position in life. 

To exemplify persons of character and integrity while

providing high-quality instruction and coaching.

To lead by example by continuing our own dance training.

To empower dancers with knowledge in technique, 

performance, flexibility, and prevention of injury,

so that they are able to dance throughout their lifetime.

To educate through published articles that use viable references,

and through workshops offered throughout the year.

The Vision

To elevate dance education in the United States by providing and supporting stronger instruction,

and by remaining involved with organizations such as NDEO/FDEO, and Dance Masters of America.

To empower movers nationwide through the use of accurate information on topics of

neuroscience, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, physics, and dance techniques of all genres.

To broaden the definition of what dance is, and to educate others on how dance

strengthens our communities and benefits us as social, moving, living beings.


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