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Our ballet classes prepare the student for the pre-professional track, but also serves the student who truly loves ballet, and wants to learn and practice as much as they can because they want ballet in their life for years to come.

We want everyone to have ballet in their life, and love it!

For students who wish to work toward the pre-professional track, and eventually compete in ballet, they will be invited to join an invitation-only performance class that focuses on ballet excerpts and variations.

They will be required to take additional classes in the CDT program.

We also offer a ballet class for teens and adults who have taken classes and wish to brush up on their skills,

without the pressure of perfection. This class is properly paced so that you have time to come back to ballet safely, without discouragement or fear. It is the perfect place for the dancer who wants a more relaxed atmosphere, with a pace that is faster than a beginner or foundations class.

If you are a teen or adult who is new to dance, and are looking to start training, our Speciality Classes provide lessons in multiple styles that vary in difficulty.

We work with you one on one in a private lesson setting!


All classes are structured to promote growth in technical ability, artistry, flexibility, musicality, strength, endurance, and professionalism. All classes are designed to make these elements a permanent part of each dancer, while fostering care, respect, dignity, and character. 

*Please note: these classes are not

teacher training classes. If you are a dance

teacher looking for additional training,

please email Laren for more information.

Please note that we currently serve students from beginner to advanced, starting at age seven.

We do not, at this time, have a foundations classes in ballet that teaches the basics, but we offer competitive rates for private lessons that will prepare the dancer for our beginner classes.

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