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Dance Training

The CDT program is based on more than 30 years of education and experience in dance as well as in exercise science and kinesiology, and our training methods are backed by research. Our unique coaching style will train specific movement into the body, correctly, and help every dancer move beyond current weaknesses and into
new achievements.

We provide vigorous and competitive training in our classes, workshops, and one-on-one coaching, and our mission is to help dancers achieve their goals, safely. We don't just tell you what you have to do to succeed; we show you, teach you, and mentor you. We offer support as well as strong education and training.

We accept dancers starting at age seven into our program. We specialize in giving our dancers a strong feeling of belonging and community, and our methods are proven successful through the many students who have excelled beyond what they thought (or were told) is possible, and through the many dancers who have experienced success through scholarships and invitations into dance programs.

Our program provides exceptional technical training in multiple dance styles, turn clinics, and flexibility training with strengthening protocols. We also offer choreography and coaching for audition preparations and dance competitions in all styles including ballroom. Our choreography is always original, authentic, and purposely crafted to show each dancer's strengths while also providing growth, over time, for that dancer.

We also offer sessions for adults who always wanted to learn, and sessions for more seasoned dancers with advanced skills who want to come back to dance in a safe environment.

Our knowledge in dance technique, performance training and exercise science, coupled with our experience in teaching dancers who vary in age and abilities, has afforded us the opportunity to learn how to provide the right environment for dancers so that they may flourish during their training and artistic development.

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