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What if I'm Not Good Enough...

This Statement Haunts Everyone...

No matter what industry, what position in life, what background; we all come across this question, "Am I Good Enough?". None of us are immune to the way the "good enough" question feels in our bones. What we must focus on is the practice of asking the follow up question, which is... "Why does that matter?"

So... Why should "good enough" matter? If your goals are high enough, then "good enough" is not good enough, because "good enough" is never the goal. Achieving excellence becomes the goal. Focus on the challenge if you want to become excellent. And learn everything you can on the way toward your goal. Want to play a sport better? Learn everything you can about that sport, and train with the best, and stay focused. Want to become a better dancer? Learn everything you can about the subject matter, train with the best, and stay focused. Don't settle for "good enough". That scope is too narrow.

Being Good Enough...

If you started your journey, then you are already good enough. The only requirement to become great at anything is that you begin. Everything else is a choice. You can choose to learn as much as you can about the subject matter you want to master. You can choose to seek the right mentor, the right coach. You can choose to practice, you can choose to do things the right way.

You cannot do any of this if you do not start your journey; therefore, starting is the only requirement.

Focus on the challenge, not the subjective feeling of "good enough".

Freedom is in The Work...

Standards evolve, or dissolve, and we are not completely in control over how our worth is measured in the external world around us. In this day of social media, reality vs. truth, airbrushing and embellishing... it's hard to learn, and stick to, values of integrity while respecting the processes required for growth.

The illusion is that short-cuts exist; but, the truth is that they do not. When you feel the question of your worth bubble up through your bones, challenge yourself to widen your scope, then do more work.

The freedom in mastering anything, is in the work. The work, done correctly and with mindful intent, is where you will grow, learn, develop, achieve, and prosper.

Focus on the challenge, do the work, achieve excellence.



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