The Program

With the success of our live and

pre-recorded classes, we have moved

all classes to online training for now.

Our long-term goal has always included opening our new location.

Until this plan makes sense, we will be limiting our in-person classes.

Please email us with any questions.

All classes are designed to advance your abilities.

In addition to classes, we also provide:

- Dance Coaching

- Workshops and Intensives

- Choreography for Aud/Comps

- Conditioning and Agility Training

- Stretch & Flexibility Classes

- Functional Training

- Professional Development

- Online Access to our lessons

Online Access

Everyone deserves access to dance and fitness. For many of us it feels better to take class in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, without others in class with you.

Visit our Online Access page for more information on how you can learn dance or practice what you already know, brush up on skills or build on what you have learned!

Classes & Choreography

We offer Classes & Choreography in Ballet (technical training and artistry, variations and contemporary ballet), Lyrical, Modern Contemporary, Tap, Jazz, and Ballroom.

Classes are designed to develop breathtaking lines and extensions, increase your stamina and agility, and help you feel confident with turns, floor work, footwork, dance vocabulary, performing and recalling choreography, and executing ballet adage/allegro.

We also provide authentic choreography and classical variations that showcase each dancer's strengths, and we help each dancer enter competitions and auditions with the skills they need to be confident and successful.

Virtual Sessions

For our virtual sessions, we ask that you be:

1. Advanced-beginner

2. Age 10 or older

3. Focused and Determined

Our founder, Laren Cavicchio, began working with gymnasts and dancers via video chat in 2013 on an as-needed basis throughout the United States. She is accessible via Zoom and has created a practice for dancers and athletes, worldwide.

Conditioning and Agility Training

While we train exceptional technique and artistry into dancers and teach them how to excel in their abilities, we also encourage them to look at dance as a form of mind/body self-care.


Our program champions the ambition to maintain healthy moving habits at every stage of life, throughout a lifetime, and we support both dancers who play sports and athletes who learn dance while active in sports.

With this in mind, we purposefully train athleticism into dancers while we train them in dance. This ensures that they possess strength, endurance, flexibility, and enthusiasm about cross-training, which supports their overall health and abilities in dance. We consider their level of athleticism as important as learning the next dance step.

Visit our Conditioning and Flexibility Training page for more information!

Dedicated Stretch Class & Flexibility Training

We offer two types of classes designed to increase the range of motion of each joint, safely.


Our Dedicated Stretch Class is geared toward the person who is starting this journey, or who is coming back to it, and is looking for a general stretch class for their bodies. The level of difficulty is set by you, and you are coached along the way so that you reach your goals safely.

Our Flexibility Training sessions are geared toward the person who has experience stretching safely, currently practices safe stretching, and is looking to increase their current range of motion .


Please note that hypermobility in dancers can lead to serious injuries that take much longer to heal, and have a higher rate of recurrence. For this reason, we do not condone or practice the "overstretch" with the use of props as seen on social media or as described in blogs.


We use safe stretching methods that are proven to be effective to achieve the greatest range of motion in a joint, but will not perform or support the practice of the "overstretch" with the use of props.

Functional Training for All Ages

Functional training is very important to live a high quality life throughout our years. Our functional training classes are fitness classes for adults of all levels of fitness (even if you are just starting out!).

The benefits achieved through functional training include greater muscle integrity and muscle memory, enhanced cognitive function (get rid of the foggy brain!), injury reduction at every age,  improvements to balance and posture, and an increase in flexibility and coordination.


You also don't have to be an elite athlete to join this class! If you have been out of the game for a little while, or feel less prepared physically for high impact intensity training, then our functional training class is for you.

We also coach to each level, and work you up to your individual potential.

When you are ready for the next level, we give it to you!

Who We Are

We know that dancers and athletes are born with strong instincts to learn more, do more, and achieve more, and we know this because we are also trained dancers and athletes who have evolved into experienced and passionate dance and movement educators.


We know that achievements are attained through combining knowledge, effort, and practice over time, and that's why we continue to advance ourselves and stay current with the industry.  

We are sincere when we say that we will bring to you the best training, and do this in an attentive, educational, and supportive environment. We love the process of learning and advancing through challenges, and we love what we do.

Our love and respect for achievements is what inspires us to invest ourselves into making CDT the go-to program for all dancers and athletes who are seeking more.

The Continuous Dance Training program provides what is required to master techniques, artistic styles, and physical efficiency. Our dancers are recognized at national dance conventions and competitions, and are awarded scholarships as well as invitations into dance programs because we provide strong (and correct) dance training as well as solid performance coaching.

We work with all ages and levels, future champions, and future conservatory and university students. We are committed to your success, and we are all in!

Click and scroll through our website to learn more about our program!

Where We Are

Our plans to open our new location was slowed when Covid-19 became a pandemic, and then halted altogether. We knew it was not right for us to open during a pandemic, and we will wait until it makes sense to do so. In the meantime, we have experienced incredible success both domestically and internationally via our online classes, and for that we are thankful.


  Although we still have plans for our new location, we remain focused on what we have accomplished during this time: we expanded our reach both domestically and internationally, we got more people dancing and moving in four different countries, and students who were questioning whether they wanted to continue their dance training found solutions and inspiration through this program. 


 These accomplishments are 100% in line with our mission and vision, is the direct result of our core values, and would not have been realized on this scale were it not for the changes required by Covid-19.


 We are proud to serve our community of students who live in different cities and towns across the United States, as well as our community of students who live in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. The time zones alone was a learning curve! But, we have met more people because of this experience, and we have learned about each others' cultures and backgrounds, and have been able to see perspectives that would not have been shared otherwise.


We will continue to offer online classes because it is working.


We will not host in-person classes at any location where the owners

or any teachers express racism,

anti-Semitism, or hatred

for any group of human beings.

We also will not do business with anyone like this.

Please email us with any questions.


Our live classes and private lessons are currently held via Zoom.

When it is safe to do so, we will offer private lessons and classes at the following location:

Jai Dee Yoga Studio

5610 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33604

This studio offers proper ventilation, and is cleaned properly.

Everyone is required to enter and exit the building with masks.

Everyone will be required to wear a mask when a six foot distance cannot be achieved, or when there is a

movement combination that causes greater inhalation/exhalation.

We take Covid-19 and its variants seriously and will not host in-person classes at any location that has relaxed its policies before it is safe to do so.



If you are a Director at a Magnet School, Charter School, or a non-profit organization,

and would like to learn more about our Collaborative Dance Project, contact us.

We sponsor up to two dance programs in the public sector each year,

and offer choreography, training, and partial scholarships with each sponsorship.