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What we offer:

- Correct & Safe Dance Training -

- Coaching (Individuals & Teams) -

- Workshops (Beg.-Adv., all ages) -
- Ankle, Arch, Foot Articulation -

- Flexibility for Extensions -

- Barre Basics I-III -

- Barre Combinations (Beg.-Adv.) -

- Body Positions in Ballet -

- Ballet Adage & Artistry (Beg.-Adv.) -

- Ballet Allegro (Beg.-Adv.) -

- Pointe I (barre) -

- Pointe II-III (center) -

- Pointe IV-V (performance) -

- Turns (Beg.-Adv.) -

- Intro to Horton Technique -

- Cuban Action & Movement -

- Jazz Dance & Progressions -

- Latin Jazz Dance Practice (Beg.-Adv.) -

- Musicality & Meters -

- Intro to Tap -

- Beginner Tap -

- Adv-Beginner Tap -

- Intermediate Tap -

- Adv-Intermediate Tap -

- Tap Combinations (Beg.-Adv.) -

- Conditioning & Agility Training*
- Fitness for Safe Weight Loss*

- Fitness for Kids & Teens*
- Stretch & Flexibility Classes*
- Functional Training*

- Proper Warm Up (for each dance style)*

- Balance and Isometrics*

- Endurance & Agility

- Gentle Stretch*

- Strength & Joint Stability*

- Cardio Endurance & H/MIIT*

- Muscular Fitness/Strength*

- Choreo. for Aud./Comps -

- Choreo. for Special Events-

*Separate, custom exercise/fitness drills

designed to create safe resistance to injury.



Classes & Choreography

We offer Classes & Choreography in Ballet (technical training, artistry, variations and contemporary ballet), Lyrical, Modern Contemporary, Tap, Jazz, and Ballroom.

We also offer competitive soloists an opportunity to compete and attend conventions and workshops without the requirement of being on a competitive team (soloists must qualify, please email us for more information).


Classes are designed to develop breathtaking lines and extensions, increase your stamina and agility, and help you feel confident with turns, floor work, footwork, dance vocabulary, performing and recalling choreography, and executing ballet adage/allegro.


We also provide authentic choreography and classical variations that showcase each dancer's strengths, and we help each dancer enter competitions and auditions with the skills they need to be confident and successful.

Conditioning, Flexibility, and Fitness Training

We encourage everyone to look at the elements of dance and movement as a path to better living because we understand the scientific benefits that dance and movement has on the mind as well as the body.
We purposefully train athleticism into dancers, but encourage everyone at every age and ability to find what form of exercise works best for them, because movement is one of the best ways to protect your mind and body against aging, protect your brain from cognitive decline, and protect your joints and bones from injury (it is also a healthy path toward weight loss).

Our Conditioning, Flexibility & Fitness page has information to help get you started, and we have short Articles and references on dance, movement, and exercise,.


Dedicated Stretch Classes

We offer two types of classes designed to increase the range of motion of each joint, safely.

Our Dedicated Stretch Class is geared toward the person who is starting this journey, or who is coming back to it, and is looking for a general stretch class for their bodies. The level of difficulty is set by you, and you are coached along the way so that you reach your goals safely.

Our Flexibility Training sessions are geared toward the person who has practiced, or is currently practicing, safe stretching methods, and is looking to increase their current range of motion.
Please note that hypermobility in dancers can lead to serious injuries that take much longer to heal, and have a higher rate of recurrence.  For this reason, we do not condone the practice of, nor do we teach, the "overstretch" as seen with use of props on social media or as described in blogs.
We will use safe stretching methods that are proven to be effective to achieve the greatest range of motion, but will not perform or support the practice of the "overstretch" with the use of props.

Functional Training

Functional training is very important to live a high quality life throughout our years. Our functional training classes are fitness classes for adults of all levels of fitness, even if you are just starting out!

The benefits achieved through functional training include greater muscle integrity and muscle memory, enhanced cognitive function (get rid of the foggy brain!), injury reduction at every age,  improvements to balance and posture, and an increase in flexibility and coordination.
You also don't have to be an elite athlete to join this class! If you have been out of the game for a little while, or feel less prepared physically for high impact intensity training, then our functional training class is for you.


We coach to each level, and work you up to your individual potential.


Who We Are

We know that dancers and athletes are born with strong instincts to learn more, do more, and achieve more, and we know this because we are also trained dancers and athletes who have evolved into experienced and passionate dance and movement educators.
We know that achievements are attained through combining knowledge, effort, and practice over time, and that's why we continue to advance ourselves and stay current with the industry.  

We are sincere when we say that we will bring to you the best training, and do this in an attentive, educational, and supportive environment. We love the process of learning and advancing through challenges, and

we love what we do.

Our love and respect for achievements is what inspires us to work at being

the go-to program for dancers and athletes who are seeking more.

The Continuous Dance Training program provides what is required

to master techniques, artistic styles, and physical efficiency.

Our dancers are recognized at national dance conventions and competitions,

and are awarded scholarships and invitations to dance programs because we provide recognizably correct dance training and solid performance coaching.

We work with all ages and levels, future champions, and future conservatory and university students. We are committed to your success, and we are all in!


Where We Are Located

We began offering our sessions online during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, and continued to provide our sessions online. Up to this day, we still serve dance students across the United States and two countries.

Our success in an on-line capacity further proves to us that dancers of all ages and skills are looking for training that teaches them. They want to become the best they can be, and they want to learn how to move better.

In summer 2021, we became a sponsor for New Concept Dance Company, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization who is helping to make dance more affordable for hard-working families. As a sponsor, we will offer our program to dancers who attend their classes, intensives, and workshops at a discount.

Virtual Sessions

We will continue to offer online sessions!

Our virtual students are:
1. Adv-Beginner (minimum)
2. Focused and Determined

3. Experienced with online classes

Our founder, Laren Cavicchio, began working with gymnasts and dancers via video chat in 2013 on an as-needed basis throughout the United States and abroad. She is accessible via Zoom, FaceTime, IG Video Chat, or Webex.

If you are a Director at a Magnet School, Charter School, or a non-profit,and would like to learn more about our Collaborative Dance Project, contact us.

We sponsor up to two dance programs in the public sector each year,and offer choreography, training, and partial scholarships with each sponsorship.

Please note that:

We will not host in-person classes at any location

where the owner(s), teacher(s), or team members express

racism, anti-Semitism, bigotry, or hatred
toward any group of people.

Privacy policy: Continuous Dance Training does not collect or sell your information.

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