The Program

We know that dancers are born with strong instincts to learn more, do more, and achieve more, and we know this because we are trained dancers who have evolved into experienced and passionate dance educators. 


We know that achievements are attained through combining knowledge, effort, and practice over time, and that's why we continue to advance ourselves and stay current with the industry.  

We are sincere when we say that we will bring to you the best dance training, and do this in an attentive, educational, and supportive environment. We love the process of learning and advancing through challenges, and we love what we do. 


Our love and respect for achievements in dance is what inspires us to invest ourselves into making CDT the go-to program for all dancers who are seeking more.


Our program offers exceptional technical training, turn clinics, flexibility training with strengthening protocols, and choreography and coaching for audition preparations and dance competitions in all styles including ballroom. Our choreography is always original, authentic, and purposely crafted to show each dancer's strengths while also providing growth, over time, for that dancer. 


The Continuous Dance Training program gives the dancer what is required to master techniques, artistic styles, and physical efficiency. Our dancers are recognized at national dance conventions and competitions, and are awarded scholarships as well as invitations into dance programs because we provide strong (and correct) dance training as well as solid performance coaching. 


We work with all ages and levels, future champions, and future conservatory and university students. We are committed to your success, and we are all in! More information can be found under "The Program" tab, and you can email us with any questions. 

We currently host classes and private sessions throughout the week at our colleague's studio, Rhapsody Ballroom, located less than a mile from the University of South Florida, 12101 N 56th St, Tampa, FL 33617 (map provided below).

And, if you are a Director at a Magnet School, Charter School, or Community Center, and would like to learn more about our Collaborative Dance Project, please contact us. We sponsor up to two dance programs in the public sector each year, and offer choreography and training within each sponsorship.